So, I’ve had the Lush bug for a while now after watching a couple haul videos from Ciaobelllaxo and Eleventhgorgeous on Youtube. That’s all it took to get me doing some research and checking out the Lush website. The nearest Lush store is a little over an hour away, so it took some planning to be able to get there. I knew that I wanted to check out everything I could so I would know what I liked so I could order online next time and not make that long trip. Let’s see how the trip went eh?

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I love me some E.L.F. If you aren’t familiar, E.L.F. is an inexpensive beauty brand that is available at Target, Walmart, and various other drugstores. The full line can be found at When I buy E.L.F. it’s almost always in true haul style because they offer free shipping with $35+ orders and I usually only shop when they have 50% off sales. So, if we do some fancy math, for this order I got $70 worth of product for $35. I have a lot of E.L.F. products, so I usually shop in the new section.

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Bath and Body Works HAUL

I’ve got a little haul for you guys today. These items would bought over a couple trips to the mall. Bath and Body Works was having their semi-annual sale so I got a ton of stuff for a sensational price. Best I can figure the semi-annual sale happens in May-June and December-January. Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. I’m not a BBW nut, but their stuff is nice and I love the Twisted Peppermint they get this time of year. However, when shower gel, hand soap, and lotions are like $3 I go a little overboard.

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