Quick Bit: Flower Beauty Eye Shadow Quad

I love trying new things and new brands. My local Wal-Mart does not carry the Flower Beauty Brand, so when I was casually wondering the aisle at a new Wal-Mart and found a veritable plethora of products I needed to pick something up. The picking process was difficult because I’ve seen a lot of glowing reviews on several things. I settled on an eye shadow quad in the color Smoke and Mirrors. I have used this a few times and I’m ready to give my thoughts. Stay tuned to see what I think.

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Quick Bit: Essence Silky Touch Blush


As per usual, this was a YouTube influenced purchase. I can’t remember exact channel or video I saw the Essence Silky Touch Blushes on, but when I spotted them on a recent trip to Fred Meyer I had it in my mind that I had to get me one. I’ve tried several eye shadows from the line and a couple lip glosses. I am wild about the mascara I have from the brand. I’ve never tried any of their face products so I was excited to get this home and test it out.

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Maybelline Dare to Go Nude

Maybelline is one of my favorite makeup lines. I love the Color Tattoos and several of their mascaras as well as several face products. I will readily admit that I do not know about new limited edition makeup usually until it’s too late. Lately though, being on more blogs and social media like Instagram paid off big when I spotted the brand new Spring 2014 collection from Maybelline: Dare to Go Nude.

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Quick Bit: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

That name is a mouthful. Hoo boy! I usually just say “the blue Covergirl one with the pump.” I have been recommending the heck outta this foundation. If you live under a rock (like I did until recently) and haven’t heard of this foundation you need to get into your car, drive to the nearest drugstore and pick up one. I love this foundation.

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Prime Time

So, I am a big fan of face primer, when it does its job. I have tried several different kinds of primer mostly from the drugstore. They all have their own claims and they all perform a little differently. I’m always looking for something that smooths my skin and improves the look/wear-time of my makeup look. I don’t have particularly large pores or fine lines that I want to hide. Nor do I need a primer to keep a makeup look all day. I do however like the really polished look I can get when I wear a good primer. Stay tuned for my thoughts.

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