Graze Box Unboxing 9.1.14

Got my Graze box in the mail. If it is any indication of how much my family likes the Graze snacks, consider this. I got this box a couple days ago and all the snacks are already gone. With four snacks total, we all get at least one. Baby usually wanders between the rest of us to sample everything. So let’s dig in a see what I got.


If you aren’t familiar with Graze it’s a subscription service for snacks. For $6 a box you can get four individually packaged snacks. You can use the tools on their website to rate different snacks to customize the items you get in your box. For example, I hate coconut, so I trashed all the snacks with that offensive fruit (yes a coconut is a fruit, I looked it up). Also, I trashed any overly spicy snack because I can’t keep Boo and Baby out of the box and I don’t want to burn any little mouths. Beyond that, I just rate snacks as we get them. Giving a snack a higher rating will make it more likely to show up in a future box. Now, onto what you came for: the snacks!


The first is Beach Bum. I don’t know how this managed to sneak past the coconut firewall, but it did and here it is. I trashed it ASAP so I don’t have to see those yucky white flakes again. I gave this snack to Boo, because ew, coconut. He loved the dried bananas and pineapple, but like his mother opted to chuck the coconut flakes. Hey if you like coconut, this would be a good option, we’re just not coconut people. I didn’t even get to sample this snack because Boo had it down in no time flat. That is one thing I love about Graze: I can feel good about giving one of these to my kids because they are way better for him than say a bag of chips or some other kind of junk food. This snack only has 90 calories and is a good source of at least 2 vitamins and minerals.


Next up is Sweet Mustard Ranch. This is a combination of several snack elements I have tried before. It has mustard breadsticks, sour cream and onion cashews, and poppyseed pretzels. Hubby ate this snack and once again I barely got a taste. However, I already know that I like all the elements of this so I’m more than willing to bet this was a good one. In true Hubby fashion, his “review” was: oh yea, it was good. Man of few words that one. This snack is only 130 calories.


Salt and Vinegar Nut Selection is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a selection of nuts, two to be precise- peanuts and almonds, flavored with salt and vinegar. Pretty basic snack, especially if, like me, you like salt and vinegar. This was definitely my snack. I love nuts and I love the flavor. No sharing with this one. This snack is a good source of protein and at least two vitamins and minerals.


I have most definitely saved the best for last. I have enjoyed this snack before and was stoked to see it in this box. It is Banana Carmel Dippers. These are banana shortbread pieces with a caramel dipping sauce. These have a lightly banana flavor and are a little grainy. When dipped in the caramel it’s like heaven. I shared a little with Hubby who at first seemed unimpressed, but promptly ate the last piece anyway. These little devils taste like dessert but only sport 150 calories. I wonder if that is if you eat all the caramel which we certainly didn’t. Hmm…

Alright so that’s all for this Graze box. Want to get your own box? Use this code: GCRVK69GP to get your first and fifth box free and don’t worry there’s no commitment so if you aren’t sold after that first free box, cancel at any time. As always thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



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