Gwynnie Bee Review: Clothing without Committment

Do you, like me, ever go shopping and spend endless hours searching for good quality, nice fitting, beautiful clothing? Do you, also like me, ever find yourself buying the exact same kinds of clothes over and over because “Hey it works right? Why mess with a good thing?” I was in the same boat and let me tell you, it was a boring cruise. Then, I stumbled across this subscription service that changed my whole closet.

The site is called Gwynnie Bee. I was start by saying if you’re on the smaller side this isn’t the subscription service for you. It only caters to women sizes 10-32. I’ve been hovering around a size 16 ever since I had Baby in July 2013. I struggle, as I’m sure a lot of fuller bodied gals do, with finding clothes that flatter my body and don’t cost me an arm and a leg.

One of my most favorite things to wear year round is dresses. They’re fun and girly and easy (usually) to just slip into. My go-to style would be an empire waist with an A-line skirt. I’ve bought more dresses that fit that description than I could count. There are a couple issues with this. First, it’s not actually the most flattering style (it kinda makes me look pregnant honestly) and second, it gets so boring.

Gwynnie Bee is a subscription service that I really liken to Netflix. You basically go into the site, build a closet with pieces you like and then they send them to you. There are several different subscription levels, all based on how many items you want out at a time, but all the levels offer unlimited exchanges. That means, if I get a dress on Monday and wear it. I can mail it back on Tuesday and have another dress in hand by next Monday (sometimes much sooner). Rental clothes, genius. I don’t have to commit to styles, cuts, patterns, or clothes. I can try shift dresses (which was an immediate fail for my body type), skater dresses, maxi dresses, or anything my little heart desires for a moderate monthly fee. And when I’m done I send it back and get something new to love.

The service isn’t just for dresses. They have pants, tops, cardigans, blazers and skirts as well. It’s all a matter of flipping through the digital racks and adding things you like to your virtual closet. And all without commitment!

I just finished out my first free 30-day trial and I didn’t hesitate to continue. All the clothing I’ve got has been in wonderful condition and beautiful quality. There have been some misses, some things I’ve tried on and immediately disliked the look on me. But then I sent them back. So easy! They include return bags so I just drop the garments in and send them on their way. You don’t even have to wash anything first, they foot all the dry cleaning bills. And all the garments must pass several inspections before they send them to you. Does your local thrift store do that?

Another great feature is that you can purchase items you’ve fallen in love with, for up to 50% off retail. So if you get an item, put it on and fall in love you can purchase it and keep it to love forever.

Still not sold? Why not sign up for a 30-day trial and see if you too fall madly in love with a virtual closet with no strings attached? It’s easy to cancel if you aren’t completely satisfied (I think you will be) or to downgrade your membership. I started my trial with 3 garments at a time which costs $79 per month. I knew that I couldn’t commit to that much money per month, so a couple days in I downgraded to one garment per month which costs $35. They downgraded my subscription as soon as my 30-day trial was up and I was only charged $35. They make it very simple to make adjustments to your account if you want also. I think once you start you won’t be able to stop.

Follow this link to start your free 30-day trial and start building your closet today. Then, come back and share with me your favorite garments in the comments. As always thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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