Beauty Resolution Update

In February I posted some my 2014 beauty resolutions. As the year is now more than half over it is definitely time for an update. Something I have excelled at and some I honest forgot all about. Let’s just jump right in.

Missed the Resolutions? Read them here!

My first resolution was all about skincare. I can say with a smile on my face that I’ve taken to this like a fish to water, a bird to air, and a fat kid to cake. Once I started I just couldn’t stop. Now I’m always on the hunt for new skincare items especially value kits or tester sizes.  Here’s just a sampling of some of the new things I’ve tried.


I got all the Peter Thomas Roth items in a kit from Sephora. To see my full review check out my brand new YouTube channel. I’ve struggled with acne and dull skin for a long time and I finally feel like my skin is really starting to look beautiful. I can throw on a sheer foundation or BB cream and still feel as confident as I do in a full coverage foundation.

My next resolution was regarding my hair. I have been letting it grow out. The back, which I previously buzzed pretty short, now touches the top of my back. I’ve also been growing out my bangs which is a tenuous process. Why does it seem like bobby pins just up an disappear when you need them? It’s very rude. I’ve recently decided I wanted to add some lighter color to my hair. I watched a video by Casey Holmes where she talked about lightening her hair at home. I thought, I could totally do that. I went out and bought the box highlighting kit she suggested. (I know, you shouldn’t bleach from a box, but hey I didn’t want to spend $50 on something I might have hated). I also bought a box of dark brown color in case everything turned sour. I enlisted my best friend and an adult beverage to help me through the process. We used the cap enclosed in the kit. 2 hours later I looked like Chris from N’Sync. I left the bleach mix on for about 25 minutes. I like the way it came out. I wanted more copper highlights rather than blonde and I think that as they’ve faded I’ve achieved that. I’m looking forward to some day doing an ombre (professionally) when my hair is long enough.

Onto my 3 makeup resolutions. I have failed horribly at only have 3 mascaras open at once. I did well for the first three months, then I got a mascara sampler kit and opened all of them at once. At present I have at least 6 open mascaras. My collection is due for a clean out though, so some of those are getting pitched and hopefully I can get back on track.

Next I wanted to get organized. If you haven’t seen my Desk/Collection post, check it out. I got much more organized. Since that initial post I’ve added a lot more storage and changed some things around. If you’re interested in an update let me know in the comments below.

Final resolution was to try some new things. I have branched out (I think) into territories I never thought I’d go. I’ve sampled, sought out, and eventually bought perfume (real proper perfume, not body sprays). That’s something I never thought I’d get into. My biggest leap has been into high end lipsticks.


I bought my first MAC lipsticks. See details here (spoilers, I love them)






I bought several Too Faced Le Creme lipsticks when they were on HauteLook a while back. I love the gold tubes, they’re just so fancy looking. The colors are great. I am not a fan of the smell. I couldn’t tell you why. It’s like plastic flowers, maybe? Just not a fan.






Finally, Bite lip products. If you haven’t tried their high pigment pencils or their luminous creme lipsticks, which I bought in these cute duos, you need to go out to Sephora and get one (or several) right now. The pigment on these lip colors is great and they go on so smooth. Bonus? They’re made from food grade ingredients so they’re edible because I don’t know about you, but I constantly, accidentally eat my lip products throughout the day.

So that’s my update on my 2014 Beauty Resolutions. Did you make a resolutions at the start of the year? How are they going? Tell me in the comments below. As always thanks for being here and have a great day.

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