Gwynnie Bee Review: Clothing without Committment

Do you, like me, ever go shopping and spend endless hours searching for good quality, nice fitting, beautiful clothing? Do you, also like me, ever find yourself buying the exact same kinds of clothes over and over because “Hey it works right? Why mess with a good thing?” I was in the same boat and let me tell you, it was a boring cruise. Then, I stumbled across this subscription service that changed my whole closet.

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Summer Surge Party Set

Even though Sephora’s Summer Surge bonus points has ended, you can still get your hands on the VIB Summer Surge Party Set free with a $35+ purchase (if you’re at least a VIB). You can redeem this offer online with code VIBPARTY or in stores by mentioning this offer. I got mine free with an online order that was part of a Sephora Haul that I filmed for my new YouTube channel. Please take a minute to head on over, check it out, and subscribe. I’ve been really enjoying creating content for both the blog and YouTube. Just another way to share my passions with you guys.

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Beauty Resolution Update

In February I posted some my 2014 beauty resolutions. As the year is now more than half over it is definitely time for an update. Something I have excelled at and some I honest forgot all about. Let’s just jump right in.

Missed the Resolutions? Read them here!

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Graze Box Unboxing 8.13.14


I have lots of joys in my life. One of the simplest ones is getting my Graze box in the mail. It combines a few of my favorite things which are receiving mail and eating snacks. If you aren’t familiar, Graze is a subscription service that periodically sends you four hand chosen snacks based on your ratings of their available snacks on their website.

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My first MAC Lipstick

As an avid makeup lover and collector, I am obsessed passionate about trying new things. I am nearly ashamed to say I own nothing from M.A.C. Why? Because it’s pretty overwhelming to just walk in and try to pick out something to try. Well the other day I made the decision that I was going to just do it. I’d made the transition from the drugstore to Sephora relatively easy, how hard could the M.A.C. counter be. (I took Hubby for security. I’m a chicken, what can I say?)

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