I am selfish. I am brave…

And I’m totally geeking out on the new Divergent cosmetics from Sephora. There is a collector’s palette, nail polish collection, and kit. These are Sephora exclusives branded with the Divergent name and baring some creative (and somewhat far-fetched) movie tie-ins. Still, as someone who read the books and is tickled pink about the movie release today. I had to pick up the palette because I was dying for some branded merchandise and I wanted to see how the quality compared to some other brands available from Sephora. The palette is $32.50 and as of this posting is in stock on Sephora’s website. So let’s take a look.


The outside packaging is nice. The box (which I dumbly failed to photograph) has a print of a ferris wheel, which fans of the series will recognize. The actual palette is a tin similar to the packaging of a lot of other high-end palettes I’ve bought recently (Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar, Urban Decay’s Naked 3). It has a magnetic closure. I like all of this, but the biggest problem is the size of the palette. It’s thicker than any palettes I own.


The back of the palette lists all the names of the products. I like when palettes include the names though I usually prefer when they’re printed on the inside of the palette.


Here’s a quick look at the inside of the palette. The color scheme is really neutral. This is definitely wearable for most people. The eye shadows are soft and super blendable. The range of shades is nice enough for a complete eye look. The lightest shade is Candor Lace, then Luminous Taupe, and Envious Chocolate. The palette includes a blush and bronzer. The blush, in the shade Rosy Horizon, looks nice in the pan. It’s matte and a nice mauve color, but I just don’t see the color showing up on my skin. It’s a bum deal. The bronzer, in Compassionate Copper, is okay. The tone is nice for my skin, but I wasn’t wowed. It wasn’t quite dark enough for contouring.


The lip gloss, in Artistic Mauve, is a nice neutral pinky-mauve color. It smells like mint ice cream. Not the minty tooth paste smell that lots of plumping lip products. It smells exactly like mint ice cream. I’m a sucker for yummy smells. The color is great and it goes well with the really neutral feel of this palette.

My overall thoughts are that is nice enough for someone who is a fan of the series. It’s a fun little collector’s item. I was impressed with the quality of the eye shadows and the lip gloss, but disappointed with the lack of pigmentation from the face products. The names of the products are a bit of a reach and a little bit kitschy. I understand that they wanted to tie-in the series, but it’s a bit of a stretch. I did a look with the palette. It’s nothing exciting, but as a neutral girl I was pretty pleased.

Side note: I’m starting to think that all my eye looks are pretty similar. I need to branch out. I have a system: light to dark from inside to outside and usually with browns, so they all come out a looking the same.

IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1335

Have you read the books? Seen the movie? Am I the only book/makeup geek out there? I wish I could get my hands on the collector’s kit, but it seems perpetually out of stock. Dang limited edition items. If you aren’t seeing Divergent this weekend, what are you doing? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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