February 2014 Empties

You saw the things I was loving the other day and now let’s take a look at the things I’m using up. Just like January, I have some items that were old and just had to be thrown out. When I moved everything to a new location I found I had a lot of things that were no good anymore. Nothing breaks my heart more than waste and that’s what it boiled down to. I did use up some samples and a few little tidbits.


Shower gel isn’t that exciting, but it’s empty so you get to look at it. This is the Sauve Naturals Cream Cocoa Butter and Shea moisturizing body wash. I liked this. I’m not really picky about body wash. It’s mostly about how good it smells. The smell of this was pretty good. I didn’t see any spectacular moisturizing, but it wasn’t a bad body wash and I think the cost is less than $3. I could repurchase this, but right now I’m going through all my Bath and Bodyworks Shower Gels


This was a sample I got in an Ipsy bag way back in October 2013. Its from H2O Plus. It’s a Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment. It was like a gel consistency and blue which turned me off for a while. When I started really using it though I liked it. It gave lightweight moisture that lasted. It never felt oily under my makeup or after I’d wake up in the morning. It was a pretty generous sample too because a little went a long way. A full size is only $36, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it in the near future because I have a stock of moisturizer. However, I will keep it in mind.


This was a sample I got in a sampler from Ulta. It was a tiny sample, like enough to do one leg, so my experience was somewhat limited. However, I first thought this moisturizer wasn’t creamy enough. Generally, when I apply a body butter I get that “greasy lotion” feel on my skin before the lotion really absorbs. That’s why I usually save body butters and other thick lotions for right before bed. This didn’t have that feel, so I was initially thinking I wouldn’t like it. I did notice the next morning that patch of skin was softer than the neighboring leg. A full size of this is between $7-$10 so I’d be willing to give it a shot. Like I said this was a tiny sample and I’d like to see how to product performs on a larger scale.


More little samples. These are two samples from Benefit: the It’s Potent Eye Cream and The Porefessional primer. This look little (and they were) but I was able to get several uses out of the eye cream because I only use a little. I thought I did notice a difference while I was using it. It lasted about a week using it 1-2 a day, usually before bed. It claims to fade dark circles and I think I noticed some of that, however it wasn’t really enough that I would pay the full $34 for the full size. I could be persuaded to try another sample though and Benefit has a kit with samples of all their skincare items. We’ll see. I’ve been avoiding The Porefessional, because I can’t stomach the full-sized price ($30). I did like it. I thought it minimized my pores nicely and my makeup looked smoother. However, just like with the eye cream I don’t think I’d buy it on it’s own. In a kit though, sure.


I finally used up my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer. I had the shade light and I used it to brighten my under eye area. I like this concealer. I think that the application is really easy and it blends nicely. I would definitely repurchase this in the future once I’ve worked through some of my other concealers.


These are five E.L.F. Super glossy lip glosses that I have used up (mostly). They are just too challenging to squeeze out anymore. I know that the first one is Goddess and the clear is Angel. The stickers on these had long since worn down, so I’m guessing at the other three. One of the deeper tones is Malt Shake and that’s all I got. Looking at the E.L.F. website, I think that some of these must be discontinued because they don’t look familiar. I like these glosses. They are simple little squeeze tubes and some of them have decent color payoff. They aren’t too slick, but also not too sticky. I will say that they don’t have decent staying power, but they are only a $1. I have repurchased several of these in various colors and I continue to enjoy them on occasion.


These last two glosses were rarely used and pretty old. They were both separated when I examined them. The first is a CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer in Plum Splash. These are old packaging. I don’t remember why I didn’t use this gloss, but I feel like it was probably a lack of pigmentation. I have noticed with every CoverGirl gloss I’ve ever own that there is no color payoff. I got this expecting a berry shade and (if I remember) got a sheer mauve at best. I do remember that it did smell like fruit, so if you’re into fruity, sheer glosses maybe check these out. Me? I’m steering clear of CG glosses because I can’t seem to squeeze any color out of them. Lack of pigmentation was definitely the problem with the Wet N Wild gloss. I got this in a kit a couple years ago at a Rite Aide. This also had no color. It’s not really advertised as having color. They’re advertised as sheer glosses. I won’t repurchase any of these glosses, but I’m not too terribly disappointed because I have enjoyed the trio that accompanied this gloss.

So that’s what I used up and tossed out this month. What products have you used up? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.


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