Quick Bit: Benjabelle Brush Tree

I am terrible about cleaning my brushes. I will let them get pretty dirty before I break down and clean them out. It’s just a really tedious process to get them clean, but then the worst part is how long they take to dry. I don’t have a large brush collection so if they aren’t dry in a timely manner I don’t have a brush to use. So to help me out, for Valentine’s Hubby got me a Benjabelle Brush Tree.

This thing is amazing. It’s a pretty simple design: three pieces of plastic that break down to store completely flat.


And it’s easy to put together. You slide the two base pieces together and then the top piece just snaps on. After washing your brushes you can slide your brushes up through the little holes to hold the brushes in place upside down  while they dry. With the brushes pointed down, the moisture flows downward away from the ferrule. Water sitting against the ferrule can loosen the glue that holds it to the handle. That causes obvious damage to your brushes. For those that invest a great deal in their brushes, it’s important to preserve them any way possible.

Bejabelle has several different models available. I got the Sunflower model because it has several different size holes for various brush sizes. Because I have so few brushes, this works well for me because I can wash all my regular brushes and dry them in one go.


You can get your own brush tree at the Benjabelle website. As stated, there are several different models and you can choose one based on your specific needs. Such a simple thing that makes my whole makeup life a little easier.

What do you think, would you spend money on a brush tree? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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