New Makeup Desk/ Makeup Collection

I did some serious shopping over the last several weeks. I picked up all new storage solutions for my makeup including a desk, several drawers and a shelving unit. Now that I have a dedicated space for my collection, I’m ready to share what I’ve got.

Here’s the overall look at the area.


I purchased the desktop, legs and drawers at Ikea. I also got my desktop mirror, flower, and spotlight at Ikea. The only thing not shown is the chair I got because it’s not put together yet. The space is good sized because it allows for adequate storage and work space without taking up too much of my bedroom. They were also incredible easy to put together which is always a plus because Hubby hates putting all my Ikea stuff together.


Next thing I got was a clear acrylic magazine rack from Amazon. It will eventually hang on the wall, but the first screw I got weren’t the right size. This rack is perfect for all my larger palettes, most of which are from Coastal Scents. These aren’t my most used palettes so having them up on my wall will keep them accessible, but out of the way of some of my more used palettes.


I got this black desk organizer from Target. I keep my smaller, most used, palettes in here along with my primers on the left in that smaller compartment. I have some rollerballs of fragrance and skincare items in the from along with two setting sprays. Very soon I will need a larger organizer with the rate at which I am purchasing products. I think I will probably upgrade to something like this. What do you think?


Up on the desk shelf I have my Bath and Body Works Candle. I’m currently burning Gelato and it smells so good. It’s a very light scent, but sweet and fruity. I got the candle holder from BBW too.


I put all my lippies in these acrylic drawers. I love that I can see everything. Starting on the left at the top I have my jumbo lip pencils, below that is lip glosses, and on the bottom left is depotted lipsticks and glosses and my E.L.F. lip glosses. Then, on the right side the first two drawers are lipsticks and the bottom drawer is lip products I either don’t like or don’t use. I’m planning to either toss them or give them to a friend of mine who doesn’t mind my barely used products. When I started throwing things in that drawer I noticed that the majority of items are glittery. I hate glittery lips, so that’s why they ended up in there.


I have a black brush holder from E.L.F. that holds all my brushes. I don’t have a very large brush collection so they all fit in this container. I think that I’ll probably buy another one of these if I buy anymore brushes. And who am I kidding? I’ll buy more.


Up on the wall is a shelf I got from Target. I like the off-set shelves. On top of the shelves I have my massage bar from Lush and my two fine fragrance mists from BBW. In the top left shelf I have all my perfume samples and in the right my BBW lotions. On the bottom left shelf I have two plant pots from Ikea that I keep sponges and cotton rounds in. Next to those are my skincare items. Finally, in the last square I have some items that I use frequently that I didn’t have anywhere to put.

Alright, onto the drawers which is where I keep the majority of my cosmetics.


In the first drawer I have all my foundations, then cream blushes and highlighters, concealers, powder blushes and then in the last little section I have several lesser used products. I got the drawer dividers from Ikea. In the front of this drawer I have some samples from Everyday Minerals, a translucent powder from Rimmel and a lighter for my candle.


Next drawer has bronzers and all my E.L.F. studio powders. Then I have eye primers, mascaras and brow products and eye pencils. I divided my eye pencils into thin liner pencils and thicker shadow pencils. It’s amazing how many eye pencils I have. They were spread all over the place before and I really didn’t know how many I actually had.


Next drawer is all eye products, mostly shadows. I have all my E.L.F. 32 palettes and some other larger palettes from Coastal Scents and Physician’s Formula. I have all my Maybelline Color Tattoos and baked duos from Ulta. I have all my trios and quads organized by brand and then all my single shadows from various brands in this drawer.


This next drawer has all my nail polish in it. I also have all my BBW candles and shower gels stashed in here because my bathroom is already packed full.



Last drawer is a catch-all. I have backup products and little/unused products as well as all my samples in this drawer. I got the little wire baskets from the dollar store.

So that’s my makeup space and my collection. I’d love for you to share your collections with me (makeup or other wise). Link me some pictures in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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