I am selfish. I am brave…

And I’m totally geeking out on the new Divergent cosmetics from Sephora. There is a collector’s palette, nail polish collection, and kit. These are Sephora exclusives branded with the Divergent name and baring some creative (and somewhat far-fetched) movie tie-ins. Still, as someone who read the books and is tickled pink about the movie release today. I had to pick up the palette because I was dying for some branded merchandise and I wanted to see how the quality compared to some other brands available from Sephora. The palette is $32.50 and as of this posting is in stock on Sephora’s website. So let’s take a look.

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March 2014 Ipsy Bag

This month’s theme is Destination Beauty all about exotic beach vacations and island getaways. I get the theme I guess with a few of my items. I’m on the fence about this months bag. The items I got weren’t particularly disappointing, but I’m not entirely wowed. I still think that Ipsy is a great deal for any beauty lover. It’s a great way to test out new products, especially ones you’ve never given a second glance to. So with that little speech out of the way let’s check out the goodies.

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February 2014 Empties

You saw the things I was loving the other day and now let’s take a look at the things I’m using up. Just like January, I have some items that were old and just had to be thrown out. When I moved everything to a new location I found I had a lot of things that were no good anymore. Nothing breaks my heart more than waste and that’s what it boiled down to. I did use up some samples and a few little tidbits.

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Quick Bit: Benjabelle Brush Tree

I am terrible about cleaning my brushes. I will let them get pretty dirty before I break down and clean them out. It’s just a really tedious process to get them clean, but then the worst part is how long they take to dry. I don’t have a large brush collection so if they aren’t dry in a timely manner I don’t have a brush to use. So to help me out, for Valentine’s Hubby got me a Benjabelle Brush Tree.

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Sorry for not posting

I’ve missed over a week of posts! What the heck right? Well, there’s a lot of reasons for it, mostly silly and lame. It all boils down to my distinct lack of time. I’m back on track though and you can look forward to me resuming my old posting schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Look for my makeup space and collection post later today!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.