Empties January 2014

I’ve been saving this just for you. It’s my trash. Literally, I saved garbage just to show you guys (well and to share my opinion on the products). Some of this is stuff I use up and some is old stuff that I found when I was moving my makeup collection to it’s new home (post coming soon) that just needed to be tossed out. I tend to be a terrible pack rat and I will keep things long past their useful time. Let see what I used last month.


First is an Equate brand makeup remover wipes. I always keep a package of makeup remover wipes on my desk so that I can periodically clean my hands as I do my face. If I don’t do this I tend to accidentally rub mascara on my lips or blush in my eyebrows. I’m just a messy person. I don’t really ever use these for removing makeup off my face. These wipes were okay. A decent amount of wetness, which is important in a wipe. I can’t remember if these were textured, which is something I prefer in a makeup wipe as they tend to perform better. I’m pretty sure these weren’t because I went through them really fast. I haven’t repurchased these. They aren’t bad, but I wasn’t terribly impressed.





Next up is the E.L.F. Mineral Infused Primer. I really like this primer. It’s kind of my staple product. I’ve been testing out some other things and found that I like the feel of some about the same as this product, but since I buy E.L.F. only when I can get it half off, you can’t beat this for the price. I did try a sample of the Benefit Porefessional and kinda liked it. Don’t know if it’s worth $30 though. I’m working through some other primers, but I will definitely repurchase this product when it’s on sale again. The texture is perfect for my skin and I think it improves the wear time of my makeup overall.


Next up is the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque for your hair. I heard about this brand on YouTube. I don’t have tons of hair and I don’t abuse it too badly, but it gets really dry because I have to wash it every day to keep it from being oily. I wanted something that would really make my hair feel soft and “repaired.” I found this little sample pack at Ulta for only $4. I have a short pixie(ish) cut at the moment so I cut the corner of this bad boy and put it into four separate little plastic bags. I was able to use it without contending with what is essentially a foil packet. My hair does feel better after using it. It’s softer and shinier and just feels healthier in general.

These next items are all old mascara that it was time to let go of. As part of my resolutions I only have three mascaras open at any one time so that I don’t have a bunch going to waste like these guys. So here’s a quick run down of what I though of these before they hit the dumpster


First one is the Maybelline Great Lengths: Lots of Lashes. I was kind of “Eh” on this mascara. It was what I picked up when I wanted mascara, but I didn’t care what my lashes looked like. It’s not back by any means, but I didn’t notice anything spectacular happening. The cone shaped brush did make it easier to reach all my lashes, even the little ones on the inner corners of my eyes. I did notice a little flaking every once in a while, but nothing unmanageable. As far as mascaras go I’d give this a C+. It was decent, but just not memorable.


Next is the Maybelline Illegal Length. I had high hopes for this mascara (Get it? Length? High hopes?). Anyway, at first I was so disappointed. I thought that all this really did was make my lashes blacker. I didn’t notice any length or anything. So back in my drawer it went. When I pulled it out like a month later and retried it, I had very different results. I did notice extra length. I wouldn’t call it “Illegal” but it was decent. I don’t frequently gravitate toward lengthening mascaras over volumizing ones, but this made my lashes look nice. It did clump a little if I tired to do too many coats.


I just noticed all these mascaras are Maybelline. What can I say I like their mascaras? This one is the Colossal Volume Express. I liked this mascara. It has a HUGE brush which made it a little hard to maneuver in certain places, but it made my lashes look awesome. I have naturally longer lashes, so I usually want to give them some hefty volume. This mascara gave me the volume I desired in one coat. I really like it. I want to try more mascaras from this line.



Last one is from Urban Decay. It’s the Super Curl mascara. I didn’t like this for several reasons. I felt like it didn’t ever get completely dry so it was always smudging on my under eye. It clumped like nobody’s business. And I didn’t see it doing anything for the curl in my lashes. I got this as a gift and wouldn’t ever spend my own money on it.

So those are the products I went through last month. What are you using up? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for coming by and have a great day.


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