So, I’ve had the Lush bug for a while now after watching a couple haul videos from Ciaobelllaxo and Eleventhgorgeous on Youtube. That’s all it took to get me doing some research and checking out the Lush website. The nearest Lush store is a little over an hour away, so it took some planning to be able to get there. I knew that I wanted to check out everything I could so I would know what I liked so I could order online next time and not make that long trip. Let’s see how the trip went eh?

If you have never been to a Lush store here’s my take. Number one it smells. Not bad… but it smells. It’s a little overwhelming at first trying to get your nose to sort it all out, but once you start honing in on products your nose knows what’s good. Number two, apparently Lush only hires the super duper nice, or they inflict corporal punishment on people who aren’t exceptionally cheery and helpful (I can only assume that a company that makes a chocolate face mask doesn’t beat people.) There was no shortage of customer service. The main lady that helped us (I was with my dear Mom-in-law) was named Miranda and she was just great. We told her we were Lush virgins (ew, did anyone else make a face while reading that? Creepy-sounding) and she jumped in right away with some awesome products. She washed my arms and rubbed some awesome lotions on it and it was nice to be pampered. She was really sweet and really knowledgeable. Even though, I will do most of my Lush shopping from the UK website (more on that at the end) I wouldn’t hesitate to stop back in this store because everyone was so nice.

Okay! On to the goodies. I’ll start with the stuff I got and finish up with some things on my wishlist.


Let the Good Times Roll is a facial cleanser that smells like caramelly-bakery-popcorn-goodness. It smells like amazing in a pot. The way to use it is you pinch off a little bit, get it wet with a bit of water and make a paste then gentle rub it on your face. It’s gritty, so it exfoliates, but it’s not harsh at all. I used this for the first time tonight and my skin felt really clean, but not tight like it does after I use my typical facial cleanser. Plus, bonus it smells amazing if I didn’t say already.


This is a MMM: Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt. It also smells like food and deliciousness. These are meant to go into the bath and melt giving the bath a thicker, creamier texture. It’s got cocoa butter and almond oil to really moisturize your skin. My skin has been really dry lately and I can use all the help I can get.


This is a Rose Jam Bubbleroon and it’s a bubble bar. Note that shortly after taking this photo it broke in half and got on my new desk and now my room smells like this bubble bar. Which I do not mind because this also smells fantastic. There’s a running theme there. I love deliciously smelly things. It’s got rose oil and coconut oil so it’s soothing and moisturizing whilst giving you some bubbles and smelling great.


This is the Butterball bath bomb that has vanilla and cocoa butter. It smells nice. It’s not as strong as the other things I bought, but it’s nice and comforting. Hubby didn’t make a face when he smelled this one, so that’s a good sign because he thinks everything stinks. This is also supposed to hydrate your skin and make it softer. I guess that’s just a running theme with me, I wanna be softer.


This is a Each Peach massage bar. It’s like concentrated lotion that you rub all over yourself. It used to have a pattern on it. It’s been one day and I’ve worn off the pattern. I love this thing. It smells citrusy like lemon or orange or something. I got this because I picked it up on a whim and rubbed it on my arm and fell madly in love. Fun fact: It’s called Each Peach, but according to the ingredients contains no peach. Hmm…

Next two items I didn’t get pictures of because I used them as soon as I got home. Boo took his bath with Ikle Baby Bot bath bomb.


I will say that I broke off a piece and threw it in and I should have dumped the whole bot. Boo was not impressed. It fizzed and turned the water kinda blue and smelled nice. Next time I won’t be stingy and I’ll give him the whole bot.


Now, I took a bath and used the You’ve been Mangoed bath melt because when I tried to remove it from the bag it was heavily melting so I figured it was time to toss it in. It made some bubbles, just a light coating, nothing extravagant. The water wasn’t as creamy as I had anticipated, but that was fine. It smelled awesome. Citrusy and clean. I loved it.

Alright so that’s what I picked up. It was a lot of really great stuff. I have a little Lush lust list going in my head of products I’m wanting to try. The first is the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Smelled amazing. I want the Dreamwash and Dream Cream. Miranda used them on me in the demo and the felt great on my skin. Last thing is the Mask of Magnaminty. This was also demoed on me and it felt so good.

Once again, I was really blown away by the great customer service I got from the employees at the Lush I went to. However, after watching some haul videos and doing a little investigating, I found that by ordering from the UK website I can save a ton of money. If I don’t go over a weight limit the shipping is less than $10. Despite that, I’d love to go back into my local(ish) store sometime because they were wonderful.

What’s your favorite Lush item? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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