Maybelline Dare to Go Nude

Maybelline is one of my favorite makeup lines. I love the Color Tattoos and several of their mascaras as well as several face products. I will readily admit that I do not know about new limited edition makeup usually until it’s too late. Lately though, being on more blogs and social media like Instagram paid off big when I spotted the brand new Spring 2014 collection from Maybelline: Dare to Go Nude.

I first spotted this collection on Nouveau Cheap where she very nicely provided pictures and swatches of the collection as well as an interactive sightings map so I could maybe try to find some of these goodies. I live in the Northwest and checking her map and where other people nearby had found their items at Fred Myer, so that was my first stop. Who knew Freddie’s had such a great cosmetics selection? Not me? From now on, I’ll be hitting up Fred Myer long before I set foot in a Walmart when it comes to makeup. I only got a few things from this collection, for a look at all the available items be sure to check out the post at Nouveau Cheap.


This is just a quick look at everything I picked up. I’d researched the collection prior to shopping and had a list of everything I wanted. I didn’t get the Color Tattoo in Nude Compliment because the Color Tattoos were heavily picked over where I went. There were only two others besides the ones I got, both Beige-ing Beauty. I also wanted the Master Glaze Blush stick in Barely Pink because I love the dark shade I got, but haven’t really been tempted by any of the lighter permanent shades. The store I went to did have the blush, but both of them were kind of squished looking like they were mashed into the side of the tube so I passed on that. Let’s look at what I did get though because it’s pretty awesome.


First is an Eyestudio Quad in Take it Off. I haven’t ever tried this line of eye shadow and I figured it was about time I did. I was really drawn to the plum color in this quad. I did a look with it the other day and really liked the way that the shadows blended and the staying power. One thing I will say about this quad is that it’s really dark. The plum came off really deep and the look felt a little bit dark for going to work. It was really pretty anyhow.


Second quad is in Taupe Tease. I’m a big fan of neutral shades and taupe is a particular weakness. I would call this a warm taupe. Even the darkest shade looks warm in the palette. I’ll admit I haven’t cracked this open yet, but I’ll get back to you when I do.


I got a lipstick from the line called Ravishing Rose. It’s packaged just like the lipsticks in the Buffs collection. I really need to learn from past experience. I bought a nude lipstick from the Buffs line and hated the way it looked on me. It was too light and I thought it just settled in every line on my lips. This lipstick is beautiful when swatched, light warm pink. On my lips it just doesn’t jive with the natural pigmentation of my lips. I’m going to work with it, but it’s just not my favorite color on me though I’d recommend it for someone who likes a lighter lip color. I do like the formula and color payoff of this lipstick.


I also got two Color Tattoos, in Pure Nude and Sleek&Spice. Pure Nude is nearly the color of my eyelid naturally, but with just a hint of sheen. I love these cream shadows for using as a base, but I’ve been using Barely Branded from the Metals collection and sometimes the sparkle is too much. This is a great option for when I don’t want such a sparkly eye look. Sleek&Spice is a pretty cool medium brown with a bit of a sheen as well. This looks great under my crease colors because it just deepens them a little bit. I have used both of these alone without topping them with powder shadows and they perform just as good as the other Color Tattoos. They both have a great creamy texture and are easy to blend out evenly. It’s been pointed out before, but worth a mention that all the other products that I bought say limited edition on them except for these Color Tattoos. Here’s hoping these are permanent parts of the line because they’re both fabulous.

So that’s what I picked up from the Dare to Go Nude collection for Maybelline. What do you think of the new products? Tell me in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out the Interactive Sightings Map on Nouveau Cheap for ideas on where to shop if you’re interested in buying from this collection. Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!


5 thoughts on “Maybelline Dare to Go Nude

    • I have got to come up with a camera set-up that works for swatches so I can swatch some of these goodies for you guys. As it is, several other blogs have swatches of the CTs and that’s how I picked the ones I wanted. The Sleek&Spice is gorgeous and like all the CT so smooth and easy to work with.

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