Prime Time

So, I am a big fan of face primer, when it does its job. I have tried several different kinds of primer mostly from the drugstore. They all have their own claims and they all perform a little differently. I’m always looking for something that smooths my skin and improves the look/wear-time of my makeup look. I don’t have particularly large pores or fine lines that I want to hide. Nor do I need a primer to keep a makeup look all day. I do however like the really polished look I can get when I wear a good primer. Stay tuned for my thoughts.


Pixi Flawless and Poreless: I got this in February 2013 in my Ipsy bag. This sat in my makeup collection for a long while. When I finally got around to using it, I was pretty disappointed. This is a nude/skin colored primer that’s a little bit thin. Now, when I apply it to my face I don’t get the smooth finish that I get with a more silicon type primer. Also, I noticed after I finished my makeup, I looked kind of greasy. My makeup didn’t really hold up as well with this either. The point of a primer is to improve wear-time and this did just the opposite. It was a real let down.


ELF Mineral Primer: This is the first primer I ever tried. I got it on a half off sale from ELF’s website and it’s been my go-to for primers for a long time. I love the silky feel this leaves on my skin. Once it sets it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. It’s a clear, silicon type primer. I think this improves the longevity of my foundation and because it sets to a lightweight finish, I think that I can wear it year-round which I like. The only negative I have for this primer is the packaging. First thing is you can’t see how much is in the tube really and when I empty one I always feel like there’s probably a little more product left in the bottom. They have changed the packaging since the first time I bought this because the pump is more effective than it used to be. I used to have to unscrew the top and scoop out primer in order to use it.


ELF Hydrating Primer: This is one of two new primers that ELF has come up with recently. They also have pore minimizing version which I haven’t tried yet. This has the same silicon feel as the original ELF primer, but I think because it’s hydrating it doesn’t set the same way. It doesn’t feel as lightweight and it’s just a bit greasy. I guess my face doesn’t really need extra hydration after moisturizer and all that? I don’t know. I just didn’t care for how this settles on my face. For gals with really dry skin this might be a better option because it really does feel like there is some extra moisture in the product. That’s just not for me.


Maybelline Baby Skin: This is another really silicon-y type primer. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Baby Lips from Maybelline, but this product claims to be an “Instant Pore Eraser.” Well that sounds a little bit awesome. I don’t feel like I have giant pores, but I do like that idea for nice smooth skin. I think eraser is a strong word to use for this primer. The good things are, it feels nice on my skin when I put it on and I do notice some minimization in the look of my pores. The bad thing is I don’t feel like this “sets” if that makes sense. I like to put on a primer, let it sit and have just smooth skin that I can apply my foundation over. I don’t like to be able to still feel the slick texture of my primer. This primer just always feels a little wet even after I let it set. Still, a nice option if you’re looking for something.


Covergirl TruMagic Skin Perfector: This is probably the weirdest product I’ve ever put on my face. It’s like a gel, that gets powdery when you blend it? It’s so weird. It leaves a nice matte look after it’s applied, which I enjoy. Some other primers leave me feeling/looking greasy and it’s hard to combat that. I’d rather look a little too matte than a little too dewy if you know what I mean. I like the way this feels on my skin, it makes my face feel smooth and it’s so lightweight that I don’t feel like I’m adding a ton of stuff under all my other makeup. However, because it is so lightweight I have trouble figuring out where the heck I put the stuff. I have to feel around to know which is a little annoying. I apply it with the provided sponge, which works okay. I made the mistake of trying to use this as a touch up product and I got a little foundation on the sponge and a stray eyelash. Let me tell you this product is like a magnet for little stray bits of things. That eyelash got stuck in the gel and drove me nuts. Overall, I think this is a neat product and definitely unlike anything else I own. They have a bronze version and a luminizer. I would be interested in the bronzer, but I tested the luminizer in Ulta and hoo-boy the glitter. I would not put that much sparkle on my face unless I was dressing as a golden disco ball for Halloween.

So that’s my thoughts on some of the primers I’ve tried from the drugstore. What is your favorite face primer? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Prime Time

  1. Good info! I had the same thoughts on the Covergirl product. I did exactly what you did and found the same little particles getting attached to the sponge and then back in the product. I still need to mess around with it I guess. As for a favorite primer, I’m actually not quite sure. I think I’ll be on the hunt for a while for a primer that’s good for oily skin.

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