Essie Mix-Up?

For Christmas, Hubby got me two Essie nail polishes. One is a pretty sheer creamy color labeled “Sugar Daddy” and the other is like a shimmery camel labeled “Mamba.” Overall they’re nice enough polishes, not really my first color choices, but it was a lovely thought. I said thank you and moved on.

You can click any of the pictures to make them larger.


Mamba on the right and Sugar Daddy on the left

Then, just the other day I’m browsing the Essie polishes at Target and come across a pretty pale pink called “Sugar Daddy.” Interest peaked right? Next trip was to the Essie website. Sure enough, “Sugar Daddy” is, according to the site “a sweet and shimmery pink, perfect for a french manicure.” Well, that is not anything like the distinctly nude colored polish I got. It looks closer to “Allure.”

So I start looking for the other polish. I found it under the name “Mambo.” My polish clearly says “Mamba.”  They look the same and the description “a shimmering café au lait” fits the polish I’ve got. As I was saving the stock image for this post I noticed that the photo was titled as “Mamba.” Maybe they changed the name? Anyone know?

allure  sugar_daddymamba

From left to right: Allure, Sugar Daddy, Mambo

I found a blog post from Prim and Polished about mislabeled Essie polishes, so I’m not the only one this has happened to. All in all, I suppose it doesn’t matter what the polishes are called if you like the color you’re getting in the end. Mislabeling could make it difficult to repurchase a polish that you liked.

Ever bought a mislabeled beauty product? Tell me about it in the comments below. As always thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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