I love me some E.L.F. If you aren’t familiar, E.L.F. is an inexpensive beauty brand that is available at Target, Walmart, and various other drugstores. The full line can be found at EyeLipsFace.com. When I buy E.L.F. it’s almost always in true haul style because they offer free shipping with $35+ orders and I usually only shop when they have 50% off sales. So, if we do some fancy math, for this order I got $70 worth of product for $35. I have a lot of E.L.F. products, so I usually shop in the new section.

Let’s see what I got. You can click any of the pictures to make them larger.


Not pictured is the Studio Daily Moisture stick because I was busy using it in my purse. It’s a great way to add a little extra moisture to my driest spots- usually around my nose and between my eyebrows. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and really soothes those dry patch areas. The cost is $6 so I got it for $3.

I haven’t opened a couple of my new items yet, so I don’t yet know what I think of them. The primer I got is the new Studio Hydrating Face Primer. I like the Studio Mineral Infused Primer and I wanted to try the Studio Poreless Face Primer, but it was out of stock. I haven’t busted into the new primer yet because I’m still working through a Mineral Primer. Once I try it out I’ll let you know what I think. All the primers retail for $6 so I got mine for $3.

I also haven’t used the new lip glosses I got. I’ve tried the formulas of the Essential Hypershine Gloss and the Essential Plumping Gloss and they’re nice. I picked out some more berry tones that would fit well with my winter time looks. I got the color Cherry Berry in the Hypershine Gloss and Plum Pout in the Plumping Gloss. These each retail for just $1 so I got them for $0.50.

Last thing I haven’t opened in the Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation in the color sand. The only reason I haven’t gotten into this is because I’ve already tried the formula and really liked how it looked on my skin. I bought another one because Boo got into my last compact and ruined it. The coverage was decent. I have a lot of discoloration on my face and I felt like it covered that up fairly well. The finish is definitely matte, but I really needed a primer under this foundation or it broke down on my cheeks. The only other issue I had with this foundation was with the packaging. It opens up and there’s a mirror and the product. Then, there is another bottom section that holds a sponge. The issue is that the bottom section doesn’t always stay closed and that damn sponge constantly falls out. The price on this is $6 so I got it for $3.

Okay, onto the stuff that I have tried. First up is the Studio Lip Exfoliater.lip-exfoliator

This is my second one of these because the first one is almost done. See how little product is stickin’ out? That’s all that’s left. When I first got this thing I hated it. It had those nice moisturizers and the little bit of grit that helped rub off all the yucky stuff on my lips. I get very chapped lips and the skin just doesn’t come off without help. Well, after the first couple uses all I could get was grit and it kinda hurt. I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. When I picked it up again, I tried scraping off some of the grittiness to get back down to the moisturizers. Once I did that it stayed the perfect balance of scrapey stuff and softening stuff. I use this EVERY day and my lips have never looked better. I used to hate lipstick because it would settle into all the cracks in my lips. I don’t have that anymore. This product sells for $3 so I got it for $1.50.

Next is the Studio Complete Coverage Concealer in the color light.


I like this palette okay. The first thing I did (as I do with most concealers) is squish my finger in each color to determine how creamy they were. From left to right was the least to most creamy. If you look close you can see my big ole fingerprint in the last color. The coverage on this is okay, not the best in my collection, but I can definitely work with it. I have serious dark circles and these don’t completely cover them up. The nice thing about this palette is I can mix colors to get the best undertone for my skin. I feel like I have very neutral undertones so I have trouble with concealers that are very pink or very yellow because they look weird on me. The regular price on this palette is $3 so I only paid $1.50.

Next thing I got is the Studio BB Cream with SPF 20 in the color buff.


I only tried this once, so I don’t have much opinion it yet. The coverage was lovely for a BB cream and it felt nice on my skin. I think this is something I will use in the summer when I don’t want a heavy foundation. It doesn’t get too hot around here, but when it does it get hella hot. I’m not used to it so I sweat like crazy. This will be helpful to fight the sunburn with the SPF 20 and it won’t melt in the heat. We’ll see how this holds up in the hotter months. This is normally $6 so I only paid $3.

Next thing I got is the Studio HD Blush in Headliner.


This is a nice soft pink color. You can barely see it in a sheered out in a swatch, but I really like it on my cheeks, especially topped with Luminoso baked blush by Milani. I like the HD Blushes. They have gorgeous color payoff and they will last a long time because you only need a tiny bit. That’s also the biggest drawback to these cream blushes. They are so hard to work with. I usually try to get like a third of a pump onto my finger then I dab it on both cheeks and blend it out with my E.L.F. small stipple brush. Whatever you do, don’t use a full pump. You’ll wind up looking like a crazy clown. This color is light enough that you could probably blend it out with a little more product, but I have the color Encore which is a deep berry color and too much looks crazy. I have three of these blushes and they all have a little bit of shimmer. Not glittery or sparkley, more just glowing. I wish they were easier to work with, but I’ll do a lot of nutty things to be beautiful and continuing to use these blushes is one of those things. These retail for $3 so I got it for $1.50.

Next thing I got was the Studio Radiance Enhancer in spotlight.


Okay, I think I’m going to need to do a post all about the beauty things that I suck at because I keep thinking of them. Highlighting, that is one that I suck at. I can’t seem to find a highlighter that I like. That was of course until I found this. Holy moley! I love the packaging. It’s got a little clicky brush/pen thing (like a Stila lip glaze). Makes it so easy to apply and not go overboard. The color is pinky shimmer. I love it. It gives such a great glow without being glittery. That’s my issue: I put on a highlight and I feel like I have disco face. I have shiny cheeks already and it doesn’t need to also be glittery. This makes highlighting easier for me. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it. This retails for $3 so I paid $1.50.

Up next is the Essential Glitter Primer.


I have used the $1 Essential primer and it works just fine. I’ve also tried the $3 Mineral primer and that also works just fine. I wanted to give this a shot. This is supposed to be good for putting on glitter shadow. I don’t actually wear glitter shadow, but I’m always on the hunt for the best eye primer that doesn’t cost me $20+. So I gave this a shot and let me tell you it works pretty good. It leaves a much tackier feeling than other primers I’ve tried (probably so you can stick freakin’ glitter to your eyes). I like how this made my shadows look and at $2 retail it’s super cheap. My only downside is that it’s sheer and I need something to help with the discoloration I have on my eyelids. I can also use a beige primer or concealer and then top it with this primer. I only paid $1 for my primer.

Next thing I got was Studio Eyebrow Lifter and Filler in dark brown.


Another thing I suck at: eyebrows. I just don’t know what to do with those damn things. I have patchy areas and one is shorter than the other. I sometimes over/under pluck them. I can’t afford to have them waxed every other week. They grow like weeds. I had one of these before and the caps wouldn’t stay on so it got so messed up. The caps on this work great. The other new thing since the last time I got this is there a sharpener and I dig a built-in sharpener. This has a dark brown pencil on one end and an ivory pencil on the other. The brown is for filling in and the ivory is so defining and lightening up on the brow bone. This seems to work fine, but honestly I’m still so unsure of how to work with my brows that this could be terrible and I wouldn’t even know. This is normally $3 so I paid $1.50.

Last things I got were three Mineral Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows in Lunch Break, What’s Your Name, and Forest Frolic.


The shadows are nice and soft and pigmented. They go on smoothly and blend nicely. Forest Frolic is like a matte charcoal color that looks so nice in the outer corner. What’s Your Name looks like a matte lilac on the website, but in person I feel like it has a satin finish. The biggest difference from the website to my shadow is Lunch Break. Take a look at the picture from the website.


Now look at the open eye shadow in my picture. Those do not look similar at all. On the website it looks like a sparkly brown and mine shadow is more of a sandy taupe color. Maybe the colors on my monitor are off or something. I don’t mind the difference because I prefer the taupe color. These shadows retail for $3 and I snagged them for $1.50 a piece.

Whew… that’s a lot of E.L.F. stuff. Like I said in the beginning, I really only shop on the E.L.F. site when they have 50% off sales because I get the most of my money. If you’re a beauty on a budget and you haven’t checked out E.L.F. I would encourage you to do so. For those that are already fans, what is your favorite E.L.F. product? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “E.L.F. HAUL

    • You have to keep an eye on the website. They seem to have new promotions, sales, etc. every week or so. I think you get the best value when you shop from their website because of the deals and free shipping.

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