Quick Bit: Lips With Benefits Trio

In my very first post, I mentioned that I was so impressed by my Lorac Lips with Benefits gloss in Christian that came in my Mint Edition Collection. The color was gorgeous and the smell was to-die-for. I liked it so much I got myself a trio of these glosses off of HSN.com.

You can click on the picture to make it larger.


Mark is a peachy color, Josh is a light pink, and Alex is a berry color. The colors were pretty when I swatched them and the smell was great, like caramel dessert something. Then, I put them on. Okay… so Christian, the first gloss I got, had shimmer in it, but you couldn’t really tell that much. These three have freakin’ glitter in them. I know some people like a nice sparkly lip. That is not me. Getting past the fact that I don’t like how the sparkle looks, I can feel it on my lips. Like gritty, gross, just drives me nuts feeling. I have tried to wear these and within 20 minutes I’m wiping them off. Colors are beautiful, but I can’t stand to wear them. I’m so disappointed because I loved Christian so much. Maybe I’ll give them away to family or trade them or something.

What do you do with products you end up not liking? Tell me in a comment below. As always thanks for stopping by!


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