Winter Essentials

I want to premise this by saying, I don’t like winter time. It’s cold and around here it’s wet. No snow, just lots of rain and wind and did I mention the cold? Here’s a few of the things I think are must-haves when winter rolls around.


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I like the temperature to sit right around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. When the mercury starts dropping, my soul shrivels a little and so does my skin. I get all dry and chapped. It’s not pretty. So the first thing that is a a necessity is moisturizer. I’m not particularly picky when it comes to lotions. I just need it to be thick enough to actually hydrate. The last time I was at Walmart I picked a Jergens Daily Moisture Fragrance Free. I have a number of other lotions, but this is the only that sits on my makeup desk and it has a convenient pump, so I tend to reach for it. Keeps my skin nice and hydrated.


Next thing that I always have tons of on hand is lip balm. I like ChapStick brand, but I can’t seem to hang on to one for more than a month or so. I have one that is usually somewhere around my bed for me or Hubby to use. There’s one sitting at work for those days when my lips are feeling thirsty at work. I also liked the EOS lip balms. The unique shape makes it easy to find in my giant purse. The ones pictured are the Walgreens version of EOS balms. I really love the scents of these balms. The white one is Sugar Cookie and the red one is Peppermint. The smell so yummy. The peppermint on is a little bit tingley and as we all know how I love a tingley lip.


In the winter, I love a little color on my face. I like the nice flush of a deeper blush and a nice deep lip. I think the winter is the perfect time to be a little vampy lip. For blushes, I’ve been rocking ELF’s Berry Merry. Its a gorgeous deep berry color with shimmer that used lightly gives a nice warm flush to the face. Next blush I like is NYX’s Amber which is a matte deep mauve color. I love the natural look on my face. It looks like I played in the snow and then came in to be awesome. So pretty.


For lip colors, I’ve been rocking a some pretty dark lips. First favorite is Revlon’s Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. I know everyone knows about these and loves them already, but I love how easy they are to apply. It’s like lipstick for dummies or lipstick for people afraid of lipstick. It’s a gateway berry lip. I tell people that want to try out different lip colors to try the lip butters because they are an easy way to enjoy bold color and a comfortable feel with the ease of applying a lip balm. I am obsessed with chubby lip pencils. They’re easy to use and I don’t usually have to worry about getting lip color all over my face. A new favorite of mine are the Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains. In particular the one in Cranberry Crush. Another easy way to wear a deeper lip. These also feel so good on your lips. I don’t really notice much staining going on, but I am terrible at tracking that kind of thing. Last lip I love for winter is, surprise, another chubby pencil. It’s Tarte’s LipSurgence in the color Promise. This came in my Bow and Go Collection from QVC. It’s dark and vampy and gorgeous. These pencils have a fresh minty scent and feel on the lips and the color lasts forever. I wore this to work the other day and the color lasted through eating and drinking and talking for like 6 hours without a touch up. These are a little pricey on their own, so I tend to only buy them if I can get a good deal in a kit or something.


Last thing that I think is an absolute necessity in winter isn’t actually beauty related. It’s a good scarf. This is a recent thing for me. I used to be a little mystified by scarfs, but Hubby’s grandma got me this gorgeous knit infinity scarf for Christmas and I’ve worn it nearly every day. When I leave work at 6am it’s pretty cold out (one time it was 9 degrees out) and that just doesn’t work for me. I suck at remembering to warm up my car before I leave, so it’s like an ice box. While I wait for the windows to defrost I love to snuggle down in my scarf and keep my ears warm. I don’t know how I ever lived without this thing.


So those are the things I can’t live without during the winter. They make these wet, frigid months bearable until reach spring… when we have warmer, but still wet months. Oh well, can’t have it all. What is your winter essential? Leave me a comment below. As always thanks for stopping buy and have a great day!


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