January 2014 Ipsy Bag

I’ve been with Ipsy since October 2012 and have been loving it. I’m sure you all know what Ipsy is, but just real quick rundown. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that offers 5-6 full or sample sized beauty products for $10 a month. The products are customized for users based on a beauty quiz you take when you sign up. I think that everyone used to get identical bags, but lately there has been tons of options of things you could get. I love getting stuff in the mail. It’s like Christmas once a month. Comes in a gorgeous pink bubble pack and I just can’t wait for the 15th to roll around so my Ipsy bag will come.

Okay, on to this month’s bag. The theme was “19 Reasons.”  It’s all about 19 reasons to make an amazing new year. To be honest with you, I kinda lost the theme this month. I guess it was mostly more care type items rather than color cosmetics. I’m kind of skincare challenged. I just started moisturizing my skin within the last month and don’t get me started on eye cream.

Here’s what I got in this bag. You can click any images to make them larger.


Like I said, mostly more skin care products rather than color cosmetics. Usually that would disappoint me, but I really like some of the stuff in this bag.

First thing I got was these Proactiv+ Mark Fading pads.


I got four of these pre-moistened towelettes. They claim to be single use, no-rinse pad that can instantly brighten your skin. They are supposed to remove dead skin and clean out your pores so you have nicer looking skin instantly. I haven’t tried these yet. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, so I might give these a shot. They also claim to fade acne scars, but it’s my experience that results like that take use over time so I doubt I’ll see great changes with only four uses.

Next thing I got was this Skiin Soothing and Smoothing Eye Cream


This little sample size might not seem like much, but it’s a pretty generous amount: 0.25oz. I have only used this for a couple days, but it’s a nice eye cream (I guess. As previously stated I know nothing about eye creams.) The cream claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles. That would be AWESOME! I have super terrible dark circles particularly in the inner corners of my under eye area. Boo suffers from the same issue. I heard somewhere it might be due to allergies? No ideas. I’m going to use up this eye cream and then we’ll give verdict on whether it works or not.

Next thing is this Mojito Lip Balm from (Malin+Goetz)


I actually really love this lip balm. I usually like the solid lip balms like ChapStick or E.O.S. lip balms. This is more like a gel consistency. And when you put it on your lips it has a little bit of tingle. I gotta admit, I like a little tingle on the lips. I get really chapped lips pretty quickly because I tend lick/chew my lips when I’m anxious and the holiday season is like the height of my anxiety. This sticks around on my lips forever and it’s so comfortable.

Next is the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy-Trio Wheat Leave in Conditioner.


I have loved all the Sexy Hair products I’ve tried so far and they’ve all been thanks to Ipsy. This is no exception. I like leave in conditioning products because I feel like they are lighter weight on my fine hair. I used regular conditioner maybe once a week. My hair does get very dry though, so the rest of the time I need something to help out my sad locks. I have a repair oil that is my holy grail, but this is not bad either. The smell is fine too. I get weird about hair smells and this doesn’t smell offensive at all. It’s also a nice generous deluxe sample size. I would rather have several products this size because I can use them all up if I like them and I don’t waste a lot of product if I don’t like it.

The last thing, and the only color cosmetic I got this month, was from Elizabeth Mott and it was a Smooth Shadow Sick in the color Penny.


Ipsy sent me an Elizabeth Mott mascara a few month back that I loved to the last swipe and so I was SO excited for more from the brand. I’ll start with the good things. The stick goes on smoothly and it’s a good size for the same reasons I described before. I would actually finish a stick this size. The color is fine. It’s not anything particularly special. One thing however that was pretty great is that I swatched this and then tried to wipe the swatch off a minute later and it did not budge. These seem to set to a very long wearing state. Even with a makeup remover wipe I had to scrub a little. So that’s good, and bad if you don’t like to scrub at your eye makeup. The bad thing about this pencil (thing) is that the packaging seems like plastic, so I naturally assumed that it would twist up right? Wrong! I twisted and twisted and then the bottom cap fell off. I thought maybe mine was defective, but turns out you sharpen the pencil with a standard cosmetics sharpener. So, I guess not plastic. I don’t know. It’s deceiving. Either way, I wish it was a twist up because those are so much easier to use. I’m terrible at sharpening things.

Overall, this was a pretty good bag. It was a lot of items I wouldn’t have picked up on my own and those are sometimes the best bags. I get to try things that I would never have looked twice at and a few of them I really love.

Interested in Ipsy? Follow this link to sign up. Like I said, great way to try great products at a pretty low price point and the retail value of the items always well exceeds the cost.


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