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So… first post. I should probably try to be interesting or something. Ah hell, I should just jump into the makeup stuff.

For my first ever beauty blog post, I wanted to show you something I’ve been loving lately. It’s the Mint Edition Collection from Lorac Cosmetics. This is the version that was available at Ulta, not the Sephora version. (The Sephora version had a bigger palette and a different kind of lip product I guess.) I bought this off the Lorac website and it’s my first Lorac product that I own, so that was exiting. You can find the collection under the VIP Sale tab for $18. As of this posting that price has dropped to $15, which is a steal for this cute little kit. I also had a 10% off code and Lorac has free standard shipping. Can’t beat that right? Click the link to check it out, but be warned it is listed as limited edition so I don’t know how long it will remain available. UPDATE: So as of last night when I wrote this up, the collection was still available, but now it’s Sold Out. So sad. 😦

Take a look at what you get with this collection. You can click on any of the photos to make them larger.


You get a palette with 6 shadows and a blush and a Lips with Benefit lipgloss. It also came with this cute little bag that I forgot to photograph until later because I actually used it as a cute little wristlet when we went out for Hubby’s birthday at the beginning of this month.


On to the makeup products. The palette is adorable. It compact and I love the mint green and silver.


Inside, there are 6 shadows: a matte cream, a matte light/medium brown, a matte mint green, a shimmery pink/lilac, a shimmery brown/taupe, and a shimmer purple. The mattes are a little harder to work with than the shimmers, but they’re still really nice. I absolutely love the cream for a highlight shade. I’ve used the shimmery shades all together for a total eye look and they are lovely. They create a nice soft eye that is really pretty. The blush is a coral color with some shimmer. I don’t think the shimmer is really obnoxious on the face. I don’t like a whole lot of glitter anywhere in my makeup, and this is still okay for me. You also get a nice mirror, which I always like in a palette. Overall, the products in the palette are nice and I’d like to try more from the brand. Other reviews have said that the shadows were really powdery and not at all like other Lorac shadows like those in the Pro palette. That palette is on my list of these to buy, but I’ve only ever swatched it in Sephora, so I couldn’t say for sure. These shadows are a little powdery and the color payoff on the mattes isn’t the best, but they are certainly workable.

The other thing you get with this kit is a Lips with Benefits lip gloss in the color Christian.


It’s a pretty coral pink that coordinates well with the blush color. I like this gloss. It has that gorgeous tiger stripe pattern that will go away as you use it because the colors get mixed together. The smell is amazing. It’s a sweet and caramelly scent. I just love it. In fact, I loved the feel, scent, and look of the gloss so much I ordered a trio of the glosses from HSN. I’ll review those in another post.

All in all, excellent little kit and you can’t beat the low cost. Thanks for stopping by and supporting this little endeavor. I hope I see you back next time and have a great day.


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