My Favorite YouTubers

YouTube really helped me get into makeup and there are a few beauty gurus that are my go-to. People ask me all the time “How’d you do this or that with your makeup?” OR “I wish I knew how to do that with my makeup.” I always tell them, I learned it all from YouTube. The wealth of knowledge is there you just have to look. I’m going to give you a jump start and tell you some of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. (All pictures included in this post were pulled from YouTube channels and are the property of their respective owners.)

emilynoel831. Emilynoel83, Beauty Broadcast, Beauty Broadcast Express:

Emily wasn’t the first YouTuber I watched, but she was my first love and I still watch her videos and read her blog religiously. She’s taught me so much about makeup technique as well as inspired numerous makeup purchases. Most recently: parts of my upcoming ELF Haul, and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette that I haven’t even really gotten to play with yet. She’s informative and just really fun to watch. Any time someone what’s to know how to start in makeup, I point them to Emily.

baileyb 2.Bailey B of Making up the MidWest:

Bailey has great reviews and tutorials. They’re usually pretty quick, which as a lady on the go I like because she packs in tons of information. She is also, like me an Ipsy enthusiast and I love to watch her show off her goodies and review them.

kristengehm3. Kristen Gehm:

Kristen has a passion for taupe and she feeds that passion in me. She also shows me some brands of makeup that I A) Could never afford and B) Have never heard of. This makes me excited in my special makeup place. I love to watch Kristen’s 4 Looks 1 Palette videos because they give a really good idea of the versatility of a palette before you buy it.

melissaraymond4. Melissa Raymond:

Melissa is so fun to watch. She packs so much information into her videos: reviews, tutorials, hauls, etc. I love to watch her. She’s kinda goofy too which reminds me a little bit of me. I think my favorite videos of her are where she reviews a number of products all at once. I’m thinking about the recent foundation video and her mascara videos. I love those kinds of thing because you get so much information about one type of product all at once and you can easily compare one kind to another.

kandeejohnson 5. Kandee Johnson:

I don’t watch Kandee as often anymore, but I remember that when I first got into makeup. I had just dipped in my toe it was Kandee that showed me the way. It was her that taught me how to conceal under my eyes in the upside down triangle. I would have never thought that up on my own. I’ve only recently got back into watching her videos and she’s still just as fun to watch as the first time around.

So those are my top 5 YouTubers. There are several others that I watch, but I’d say these 5 are the most influential in my makeup life. Whether you’re just starting out in beauty products or maybe you’re a pro and you live under a rock, you should check these ladies out. If you have any suggestions for YouTubers or blogs I should check out leave them in the comments below and have a great day.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite YouTubers

  1. Emily is one of my fav beauty YouTubers too! I remember my first video I watched of hers was a Makeup Geek review, and I really loved her analysis of things. I’ve found soo many new products because of her too! <3<3

    Blushing Biddies</a

  2. This is awesome Brit! You have a perky fresh way I writing. It feels like we are old friends on the edge of the bed swapping make-up!

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